E-Commerce Marketplace to Sell Art Online

Case Study: We-Growth – Sell wall art online for Tmuna.co

Tmuna.co is a leading online company in Israel specializing in Wall Art Canvas, Glass, Metals, Wood, and Clocks. Tmuna.co offer a wide range of high-quality prints featuring unique artistic designs and captivating photographs. With a focus on providing exceptional customer experiences, Tmuna.co is dedicated to transforming living spaces with visually stunning wall art options. From vibrant abstract pieces to breathtaking landscapes, our collection caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Explore Tmuna.co and discover the perfect artwork to enhance your home or office.

Business planning:

We-growth played a pivotal role in the business planning process for Tmuna.co, strategically establishing the company in the booming Israeli market for Wall Art Canvas. They conducted comprehensive market analysis, identified the target audience, and developed revenue models to ensure long-term growth. We-growth’s expertise and planning efforts laid the foundation for Tmuna.co’s success.

Characterization of the organization’s systems:

With We-growth’s guidance, Tmuna.co’s organizational systems were efficiently characterized to support its operations. They implemented effective inventory management, streamlined order processing, and established a customer relationship management (CRM) system. We-growth’s emphasis on system optimization enabled Tmuna.co to provide a seamless experience to customers.

Characterization of marketing and sales methods:

We-growth played a vital role in defining Tmuna.co’s marketing and sales methods. They devised a comprehensive marketing strategy that included online advertising, social media campaigns, email marketing, and collaborations with influencers. We-growth’s expertise in the Israeli market ensured that Tmuna.co’s marketing efforts were tailored to capture the attention of the target audience, resulting in increased brand visibility and sales.

Planning the milestones:

We-growth actively participated in planning and setting milestones for Tmuna.co. Together, they established key goals and objectives to be achieved during different phases of the company’s growth. These milestones encompassed crucial events such as website launch, order milestones, product range expansion, market entry, and revenue targets. We-growth’s milestone planning provided a roadmap for Tmuna.co’s progress.

Competitor research:

We-growth conducted comprehensive competitor research for Tmuna.co to gain a competitive edge in the Wall Art Canvas market. They identified key competitors, analyzed their strengths and weaknesses, and identified opportunities for differentiation. We-growth’s insights allowed Tmuna.co to position itself effectively in the market, understanding and addressing customer needs better than the competition.

Selection of pricing models:

We-growth played a significant role in the selection of pricing models for Tmuna.co’s products. They considered factors such as production costs, market demand, and competitor pricing to determine competitive yet profitable pricing strategies. We-growth’s pricing expertise ensured that Tmuna.co offered attractive pricing models that resonated with customers and supported the company’s growth.

Planning, designing, and developing the site:

From planning to development, We-growth spearheaded the creation of Tmuna.co’s website. They collaborated with Tmuna.co to ensure a user-friendly experience, focusing on intuitive navigation, appealing visual design, and seamless e-commerce functionality. We-growth’s expertise in website planning and development enabled Tmuna.co to establish a robust online presence and deliver a superior customer experience.

Examination of marketing platforms:

We-growth extensively examined various marketing platforms for Tmuna.co, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. They analyzed the performance and suitability of each platform, identifying the most effective channels for advertising and promoting Tmuna.co’s products. We-growth’s platform examination allowed Tmuna.co to optimize its marketing efforts and reach its target audience with precision.

Preparation of content and ads:

We-growth played a crucial role in preparing captivating content and ads for Tmuna.co. They crafted engaging website content, compelling ad copies, and visually appealing assets to showcase Tmuna.co’s products effectively. We-growth’s expertise in content creation ensured that Tmuna.co’s messaging resonated with its target audience, driving brand awareness and increasing conversions.

Marketing management on Facebook and Instagram and Google:

We-growth took charge of marketing management on Facebook, Instagram, and Google for Tmuna.co. They implemented targeted campaigns, managed budgets, monitored performance metrics, and optimized ad campaigns to maximize return on investment (ROI). We-growth’s expertise in managing these platforms enabled Tmuna.co to effectively reach and engage its audience, generating substantial growth in sales and brand recognition.

Website management and organic promotion in search engines:

We-growth oversaw website management and organic promotion in search engines for Tmuna.co. They implemented search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, conducted keyword research, optimized on-page elements, and built a strong online presence through organic promotion. We-growth’s efforts helped Tmuna.co achieve higher visibility in search engine rankings and attract organic traffic, contributing to its success in the competitive Wall Art Canvas market.

We-growth’s contributions to Tmuna.co’s business planning, organizational systems, marketing strategies, milestone planning, competitor research, pricing models, website development, marketing platform management, content preparation, and website management, the description highlights their instrumental role in the company’s growth and success.

Bullet Point:

  • The average position in top 100 is 2.8
  • Total indexed keywords +7,000 keywords